EPA Hemicycle Restoration Façade

The William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building (formerly Ariel Rios) was constructed in 1934 to house the Post Office Department headquarters and serve as the linchpin of the Federal Triangle plan. This project’s scope is to repair, re-point and clean the damaged limestone on the 12th street Hemicycle and arcade. In addition, Meridien Group provided metal conservation services to clean and re-patinate the bronze doors, grates and light fixtures. The project is a design build project, in order to fully identify the extent of the damage and develop recommendations for the appropriate repair and cleaning methodologies. Cleaning will also include the floor within the arcade. The scope of services will address the limestone arcade that fronts 12th street, between Constitution and Pennsylvania avenue.


Eisenhower Executive Office Building - Historic Lighting Conservation & Replacement

In 2016, The Meridien Group was contacted by GSA’s White House Service Center to assemble a conservation team to address the four Richard von Ezdorf allegorical sconces in the Indian Treaty Room at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. A “conservation” effort in 2003 saw a heavy dark lacquer applied over the original wax patination, obscuring the delicate coloration and luster of the original installation.

Meridien looked to Upton Studios for the conservation work and Citadel DCA for the preservation oversight and construction management. Over six weekends, working Friday through Sunday, Upton Studios team of four conservators meticulously removed the lacquer with mild solvents and bamboo skewers, then restored original patination, finishing the application with Renaissance wax. For the first time in a century, “Industry”, “Peace & War”, “Science” and “Liberty” look as they did when installed in the late 19th century.

In addition to the work on the von Ezdorf sculptures, Meridien was tasked with re-lamping the Secretary of War Suite and the cove of the War Library with simulated gas light. A period fixture was acquired to replace a replicated pendant over the conference table in the historic Cordell Hull conference room

EEOB 01.jpg

Department of Treasury - Secretary Bridge

The bridge from the Secretary’s Suite which crosses over the moat to the East Wing of the White House, was in need of structural repairs as well as rehabilitation of its granite assemblies that support the steel railings. The railings were also in need of rehabilitation. The Meridien Group assembled a team of architects, engineers and preservation craftsmen to undertake the project. Phase I, the rehabilitation of the steel and glass canopy, was scheduled for normal business hours. This meant the crew had to accommodate the coming and going of the secretary and his security detail while attending to the tedious work of removing the paint and glazing.

For Phase II which will address the needs of the bridge, the A&E team is headed by Citadel DCA and includes Keast & Hood as structural engineers. Lorton Stone is the masonry restoration contractor. Custom Ornamental Iron is attending to stripping and powder coating the steel railing assembly.

The Meridien Group and their team has performed so admirably, that Treasury has awarded them the rehabilitation of the South Plaza’s sandstone and flagstone pavers, along with a new sub‐structure and drainage design.

DOT Canopy 01.JPG
DOT Canopy 02.JPG
DOT Mat Daw Lorton Stone.JPG

GSA-DOE Roof Replacement

Meridian was the general contractor on this effort to design and construct a new roofing system for the Department of Energy Headquarters Building.  As part of the work Meridien removed 3,100 linear feet of steel track, Air Handling Units (AHU's) & Dunnage and installed a new solar panel array system. AECOM/TISHMAN and CITADEL DCA are teamed with Meridien Group as subcontractors on this project. The project began in the Fall of 2016 with expected completion date of late calendar 2017/ early 2018.

Picture from Fall 2016 - Before work started

Picture from Fall 2016 - Before work started

DOE Looking East.JPG

Navy Chapel Historic Preservation

As part of a larger contract to paint and repair exterior woodwork on the entire campus, the historic Somers Chapel required that the belfry, which had lost all of its original millwork in the 1990’s, be rehabilitated. The belfry frame remained in good condition, but none of the original millwork survived. The Meridien Group led architects, Citadel DCA and preservation carpenters The Tower Company, as they worked from historic photographs and the measuring of extant original interior millwork, to replicate the belfry. The team worked closely with preservation officers at GSA’s Office of Planning & Design Quality throughout

The Palladian window in the chancel had been refitted with a stained glass window in the 1960’s, the sash had deteriorated to the point of collapse. The Meridien Group team stabilized the assembly, removed, catalogued and restored the glass and lead came strips. A new mahogany sash was fabricated with CAD Cam technology, installed and the glass refitted. The cupola at the campus’ original building for the Mt. Vernon Seminary, was also in need of rehabilitation. Paint sampling and analysis was performed to establish the original color before work began.

After the 10 month effort the belfry and the window, hidden under blue tarps for 16 months, were again visible to pedestrians passing by on Nebraska Avenue.