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Virginia Contractor’s Mandatory 8-hour Pre-license Education

Dates and times:

Date(s) Time(s) Location
June 29th, 2019 (Sat) 9 am to 5pm Leesburg, VA
Oct 12th, 2019 (Sat) 9 am to 5pm Leesburg, VA
Dec 14th, 2019 (Sat) 9 am to 5pm Leesburg, VA

Course Fee:

The course fee includes all necessary class materials
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Basic requirements:

  • Take the 8 hour Pre-License Course (Needed for the Class A or B too).

  • This Course and Certificate are all you need in order to apply for your Class C License.

  • This Certification must be provided by an State approved Academy.


Course Purpose:

The Pre-License Course introduces students to the construction Industry, the need for licensing, the law and regulations for contractors and all the requirements under the provisions of Title 54.1, Chapter 11 of the Code of Virginia.

Advanced Contractor LicENSE

Continue Education Course- and preparation toward getting the sit for taking the exam to become Contractor License Holder Class A, and B.

This course is based upon and following the format of the NASCLA Virginia 8th edition.

This one-day class is approved to fulfill the pre-licensing education required by the VA Board for Contractors and DPOR. It is designed to provide an advanced understanding of business management subjects for contractor license applicants so that you may be successful in business as well as in taking the “A” and/or “B” contractor licensing tests in Virginia. The course is helpful for every contractor (Class A, B, or C) and will help those taking Parts 2 and 3 of the exams. It is recommended that you take both the Basic and Advanced Contractor Licensing classes. This course is recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Professional and Occupational (DPOR) Regulation, Board for Contractors. The required textbook is a resource for practicing in the profession of contracting. The NASCLA book and Virginia Rules and Regulations are allowed in the open-book “A” and “B” examinations.



Additional Information

The pre license education called Pre license course or 8 hours course must be completed by a member of responsible management or designated employee for a VA Class A contractor license or VA Class B Contractor license, or by a member of responsible management for a VA Class C contractor license. The Pre license course is required for anyone who needs a VA contractor license, and is a separate requirement from the Class A Contractor License and Class B Contractor License examinations. The pre license education course is a basic business course that covers relevant regulations, statutes, and requirements that are necessary for every business-owner. The course is not specific to any particular classification or specialty.

Once you complete your Pre License course requirement, we will submit electronically your information to the DPOR (Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation) in order to accredit your training. Also you will receive your Certificate at the end of the course; DPOR strongly encourages you to keep a record of completing the course (i.e. certificate of completion) in case it is requested by the Board office when you apply.

The VA CONTRACTOR LICENSE is ISSUED TO BUSINESS ENTITIES (regardless of the number of people employed by the business) AND NOT INDIVIDUALS.

In order to complete your VA contractor License application, our Instructors explain the Board for Contractors Regulations and the current statues or laws (Title 54.1, Chapter 11 of the Code of Virginia) and the regulations of the DPOR Board for Contractors.

Eligibility for a VA contractor license is based on the knowledge, skills, abilities, financial position, and other entry requirements set forth in §54.1-1106, §54.1-1108 and § 54.1-1108.2 (subject to the exemptions in §54.1-1101) of the Code of Virginia.

Please note that although a Virginia contractor license may be granted to your business, the business must also comply with local licensing requirements set forth by the localities (cities, towns, and counties) in which your business plans to do work.