Understanding The Need

žMeridien has vast experience working in a Multi-INT environment, and understands the requirements for developing an Activity-Based Intelligence architecture. To date, intelligence has principally been a function of characterizing what is known about a given location or activity. Our experience goes beyond the “what is known about a target” to fully characterize what is not known about a target. This is essential to providing the most complete intelligence possible, and understanding the need for future acquisitions. 

Sensors systems require a quality assurance/quality control program to maximize exploitation performance.

žAutomation requires a stable, repeatable baseline to rapidly produce information from data.

žInteroperability among similar and dissimilar sensors is key to finding targets of interest in a cluttered environment.

žA configuration controlled baseline set of target material databases and algorithms is critical in order to understand their pedigree and accuracy.

žAn Enterprise Quality Assurance / Quality Control authority should be chartered to insure quality and interoperability of community databases, analysis algorithms, and signatures to insure accurate, consistent, standardized, calculation of target signatures.



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