Non-literal Systems and Systems Integration

Meridian’s primary focus is the vetting and validation of key elements of a non-literal, Sensor Derived Information Architecture. We advocate for calibration of all essential elements of the architecture by independent sources. Our team and our partners have many years’ experience in development, operations and maintenance of non-literal systems, and the development of exploitation systems to derive scientifically accurate products from multi-sensor data. Our team members have current expertise in the following areas:

Systems engineering, imagery analyst requirements, user needs and user support

Sensor design, sensor testing and validation, image processing software development, 3-D modeling and simulation

Ground truth experiments, material libraries and databases, the image processing chain

Laboratory management, full-spectrum exploitation, laboratory test and evaluation

US Special Ops & Special Forces ISR, image quality assessment, and metrics development

Hyperspectral, Multispectral, Lidar and EO sensors and exploitation technology

Our team members also possess several patents on capabilities ranging from 3-D modelling  to full satellite constellation assessment tools.

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